The "Real" Sarah Bari-Tyrrell Revealed.

a.k.a. Sarah Bari, Sarah C. Bari, Sarah Shimmy, Sarah C. Shimmy, Sarah Clare Rihan Bari

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell, the Number-One Suspect in Jewelry Theft

The Incident

On the 18th January, 2012 I was vacationing in Palm Beach, Australia and I stayed a night at the Barrenjoey House as part of my overseas trip visiting from the United States. The room I stayed in lacked a secure safe or lock-box so to secure my jewelry I placed it under the bed for the evening whilst I was in and around the hotel and having dinner in their restaurant.

The next morning upon departure at around 9:30 A.M. I inadvertently left the jewelry in its hiding place in the room under the bed. Later that afternoon, at 4 P.M. I realized my blunder and returned immediately to the Barrenjoey House arriving at 4:30 P.M.

Upon arrival I was greeted by the receptionist to whom I reported my loss. She had me wait downstairs while she went upstairs to the hotel area to speak with Sarah Bari-Tyrrell, the office clerk / receptionist in their small hotel. She returned shortly stating that Sarah Bari-Tyrrell had my jewelry in her office upstairs.

I immediately went upstairs to the hotel area to speak to Sarah Bari-Tyrrell, who appeared to be flustered and nervous upon meeting me. She then attempted to lead me away from the office, down the hallway to my former guest room I had stayed in the night before. I asked her why were we going to the room, and was my jewelry still in there? She motioned for me to go into the guest room while she herself turned around and began walking rapidly back to her office.

After seeing the room had been cleaned I quickly headed back to her office and requested to get my jewelry from her. She walked into her office and closed the door, then opened it about 20 seconds later and handed me my jewelry bag, saying to me, "here it is".

Noticing the Theft

I immediately opened the jewelry bag in front of her to check that all the contents were there. I recognized instantly that several expensive pieces were missing and I told her so. There was approximately 15 items of jewelry in the bag of which 3 were now missing:

1. A heart-shaped diamond pave pendant US$2,500

2. A heart-shaped gold charm with a small diamond in the center US$500

3. A pair of gold drop earrings -- US$120

Note: The gold charm and earrings were undervalued in the initial police report.

None of the items were insured. My heart sank.

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell's Response…

I asked Sarah Bari-Tyrrell if she knew what happened to them and was the jewelry bag in her possession all day? She was extremely flustered, and hardly able to speak to me. The only thing she kept saying was, "oh, um, oh, um, oh um", as if searching for an answer.

I asked her, "who else had possession of my jewelry during the day and who handed it in to the office"? I asked her if she was the one who had found my jewelry in the room I stayed in. Sarah Bari-Tyrrell replied that the cleaner had given the jewelry bag to her earlier that morning when he had found it whilst cleaning the room. I said, "Oh no, do you think he could have taken it?". She nodded her head back and forth and up and down and then appeared eager to have me believe that the cleaner was responsible for the missing items. I said to her, "there's been a theft and we need to contact the police". I then asked to speak with the manager.

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell became even more nervous and flustered at this point and immediately ran downstairs to speak with another staff member. She returned with the restaurant receptionist / night-manager. While I was speaking with the restaurant receptionist / night-manager, I observed Sarah Bari-Tyrrell go into her office and a few moments later, exit clutching her handbag and quickly head down the stairs. I later realized she had left the premises entirely, according to the restaurant receptionist / night-manager that I was left speaking with. This meant I therefore was unable to speak with Sarah Bari-Tyrrell further concerning the matter.

The restaurant receptionist / night-manager informed me that she was adamant that their cleaner was not responsible for the theft as he had been working at Barrenjoey House for a number of years and he was considered to be quite trustworthy. The same could not be said by her about Sarah Barry-Tyrrell, however.

Police Called to Barrenjoey House

I phoned the police with my cell phone as no one at the hotel seemed really interested in what had occurred nor willing to assist me any further. After a 45 minute wait the Dee Why police informed me that they were unable to attend the Barrenjoey House that evening but committed to come the next morning.

Next morning I spoke by phone with Dee Why Police regarding the incident and they informed me that two police officers would meet me at the Barrenjoey House at 12 noon. I arrived at Barrenjoey House at 11:45 A.M and went inside to the reception area to wait for them. Upon entering the restaurant, the manager, Mark James, greeted me . I informed him that I was the victim of a theft at the hotel the evening before and that I was waiting for the police to arrive concerning the matter. He treated me with utter contempt. He became argumentative, agitated, and dismissive toward me for no apparent reason.

Police At Barrenjoey House

At 12 noon, two policemen arrived and met with me to hear my complaint. After hearing it they wanted to interview the last person who had custody of my bag of jewelry, Sarah Bari-Tyrrell. The manager, Mark James was standing off to the side overhearing my conversation with the two police men. After the police officers had indicated verbally to me that they were going to head upstairs to question Sarah Bari-Tyrrell, I overheard Mark James say to the bar man, "I must go upstairs now and speak with Sarah". He then turned and ran upstairs ahead of the police.

After approximately 10 or so minutes the police returned and informed me they had spoken with Sarah Bari-Tyrrell and now needed to interview the cleaner. Two days later on the 20th of January, the police phoned me to inform me they had met and spoken with the cleaner and that that they had no further interest in the cleaner as a person of interest in the case as they were satisfied that he was truthful and was not responsible for the theft.

Initial Police Findings and Sarah Bari-Tyrrell is the Number 1 Person Of Interest

They indicated that Sarah Bari-Tyrrell was their number person of interest [POI] in the theft of my jewelry. The police officers noted and mentioned to me that she was extremely nervous throughout their interview with her. They also told me that they speculated that she may have been having an affair with the manager, Mark James, whom they commented was acting overly defensive of her and that he seemed uninterested in the fact that a theft had occurred in his hotel.

A few days later, after interviewing the cleaner, the police provided me with a copy of their written report and recommended that I also come into the station to file a formal police report about the matter myself. I filed the report before returning to the United States and left the matter in the hands of the Dee Why police.

In the months following the incident I had continued email communication with the police concerning the matter. The case was more or less stalled with little progress due to the fact that there was no eye-witnesses or surveillance camera in their small hotel to document the theft.

Private Detective for Hire

At this point, due to the great sentimental value of the jewelry stolen plus the substantial monetary value, I began looking on-line for a private detective in Sydney to hire. I not only felt certain Sarah Bari-Tyrrell had stolen my jewelry, but also that it was only a matter of time before she would begin wearing the stolen items. It was clear to me that the person who stole the jewelry loved heart shapes because of the 3 items stolen, two of them were heart-shaped pendants.

Private Detective's Findings

Once back home in the United States with work commitments and life as normal, it took a few months to engage the right private detective in Sydney. By September, the private detective had amassed a file of over 70 photographs of Sarah Bari-Tyrrell wearing the heart shaped diamond and gold pendants, and her sister, Natasha Bari-Tyrrell wearing the gold earrings. This photographic evidence, derived from various sources, showed that these were the identical pieces to the ones reported to police stolen from me at the Barrenjoey House.

Re-Opening the Police Investigation

With the photographic evidence, I approached the Dee Why police to continue their investigation into Sarah Bari-Tyrrell regarding the theft. They agreed that the items worn by Sarah Bari-Tyrrell and her sister, Natasha Bari-Tyrrell, matched the ones that I had provided photographic evidence of ownership for prior to the theft.

I had receipts and manufacturers information on each of the 3 stolen pieces. This information showed that 2 of the pieces were not available for sale in Australia because they came from manufacturers in the United States. The 3rd piece was made by a boutique jeweler in Queensland whom I had purchased it directly from him in his store on a prior visit.

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell Avoids Police Interview; Her Sister, Natasha Bari-Tyrrell brought in for Questioning

With this, the police re-opened their investigation and contacted Sarah Bari-Tyrrell to come into the station for an interview. Sarah Bari-Tyrrell made a time to meet with the police but did not show up for the interview. The police contacted her by phone on two further occasions to come in for an interview and each time she said she would come into the station but she did not show up, nor phone to inform them of this. They contacted her sister, Natasha Bari-Tyrrell, who was 18 years old at the time, to come in for an interview. Being a minor, she had no alternative but to oblige the police and come into the station. A couple of days later, Natasha Bari-Tyrrell attended the station with her mother, Catherine Tyrrell. The investigating officer told me that Natasha Bari-Tyrrell had actually shown up wearing the earrings that were reported stolen from me.

Natasha Bari-Tyrrell said that her sister, Sarah Bari-Tyrrell had given the earrings to her as a gift a few months earlier. The police officer took photographs of the earrings including the manufacturer's stamp on the back. This information later was proven to be an identical match with my description, photographs, and the manufacturers hallmark I provided of the earrings.

The police officer did not take the earrings from Natasha Bari-Tyrrell at the time as they had not yet verified the match of the manufacturers markings from me and they were still pursuing Sarah Bari-Tyrrell for a personal interview about the jewelry. Sarah Bari-Tyrrell continually ignored phone messages from the police and the officers' invitations to come into the station to discuss the matter.

Criminal Case Stalls

Shortly after interviewing Natasha Bari-Tyrrell, the lead police officer in charge of the case was transferred out of the station and was therefore no longer working on the case. The replacing officers were also concerned that the statute of limitations on a theft case had expired and that as there was no surveillance camera footage nor eye witness accounts, it precluded an arrest warrant being issued for Sarah Bari-Tyrrell.

The police stated that even though they were 100% certain that Sarah Bari-Tyrrell was indeed the thief and that she was in possession of my jewelry, there was little they could do with the expired statute of limitation and her unwillingness to come in for an interview. At this point the police urged me to pursue the matter as a civil case. Until such time as I physically return to Sydney, pursuing a civil lawsuit from another country is difficult.

Further Action and a Plea for the Return of the Jewelry

At this juncture, I decided I have no ill-will nor interest in pursuing action against Sarah Bari-Tyrrell's sister, Natasha Bari-Tyrrell, as I feel she has been an innocent victim. That said, she is aware that she is in possession of stolen property and it behooves her to return the property to me regardless of her sister's actions. If she were to return the earrings, I would remove any reference or images of her from this website.

The two heart-shaped diamond and gold pendants that Sarah Bari-Tyrrell kept for herself and has been photographed wearing in over 70 photographs, have strong sentimental value. The pave diamond heart pendant in particular was a wedding anniversary gift from my husband on our 15th wedding anniversary. One day, if and when Sarah Bari-Tyrrell is ever married for this many years she may fully appreciate and respect that. And she might then understand why I am not going to let this matter rest.

If someone can talk some sense into Sarah Bari-Tyrrell's mind of the correctness of returning the stolen property to me, no further legal action will be taken, the entire matter will be closed, and this website will be dismantled and taken down promptly.

I really just want my jewelry back. It belongs to me, I am the rightful owner and NOT Sarah Bari-Tyrrell.

I hope that perhaps Sarah Bari-Tyrrell's mother, Catherine Tyrrell, will read this story, see the evidence of her daughter's irresponsible actions, and convince her daughter to do the right thing and return the items she so clearly and obviously stole from me and which do not belong to her. Sarah Bari-Tyrrell is also guilty of involving her younger sister, Natasha in the crime of possession of stolen goods.

The police did inform me that it is quite possible that Sarah Bari-Tyrrell may choose to sell the stolen items to obtain money for them, especially now that she is aware that further photographic evidence may be gathered of her wearing the pieces. If that is the case, I demand compensation for their replacement value.

Prior to putting up this full account of the incident, I sent Sarah Bari-Tyrrell a note along with photographs of her wearing my jewelry, via her blog: Simplicite by Sarah -- -- informing her of my intentions to post my story on this website. She was given the opportunity to do the right thing and return my jewelry and in doing prevent this website going live. In her typical self-confessed 'arrogant' style, she told me to "prove it" adding "you couldn't prove it to the police because you have no evidence to support it", were her exact words.

Not at any time in her message to me did she actually state that she did not steal my jewelry. But rather, her response was telling me to "prove it". I find this to be a more or less bold and arrogant statement from someone who is cocky enough to think they have gotten away with this crime.

The Proof of Sarah Bari-Tyrrell's Guilt , and Conclusion

The chain of custody of the earrings from Sarah Bari-Tyrrell to her sister, Natasha has been witnessed, photographed, and documented by the NSW police, which constitutes evidence that can be brought into court if necessary.

The photographic evidence provided on this website, and my personal photographs given to the police as evidence , clearly documents that the jewelry I owned prior to the theft came into Sarah Bari-Tyrrell's possession during the incident at Barrenjoey House. She began wearing and displaying the stolen property approximately 3 months after the theft. This clearly provides proof of her being in possession of stolen property.

The NSW police conclusion is that Sarah Bari-Tyrrell is guilty of stealing my property as the chain of possession of the property was from the cleaner, to Sarah Bari-Tyrrell, to me. There was no other person mentioned or named during the investigation as being in possession of the jewelry bag that the items were removed from.

Final Note

The evidence that I have provided on this website will allow you to form your own conclusions as to the guilt or innocence of Sarah Bari-Tyrrell. I think I have sufficiently proven "it" and have provided proof that Sarah Bari-Tyrrell is the thief who stole my jewelry.

And let's face it, Sarah Bari-Tyrrell knows she stole my jewelry and that will always be true no matter what the outcome.

I have amassed well over 70 photographs of Sarah Bari-Tyrrell wearing my jewelry, which may be posted up on this site in due course. Of course, I hope that won't be necessary and that my jewelry will be returned to me. And again, doing so will end the matter promptly and that's the end of story.

I live in hope.

This is my story and these are the facts of the matter. Everything mentioned in my story can be substantiated with documents and proof to include police reports, manufacturers information, photographic evidence, receipts, and personal statements from the sales staff in the actual stores, who will verify my proof of purchase of these items, which were stolen.

Further Information on Sarah Bari-Tyrrell:

She has several aliases:

Sarah Bari
Sarah C. Bari
Sarah Shimmy
Sarah C. Shimmy
Sarah Clare Rihan Bari

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell no longer works at Barrenjoey House [perhaps they realized how dishonest she is and what a terrible liability they had keeping her on. Mark James also is no longer employed at Barrenjoey House]

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell blog: Simplicite by Sarah --

Sarah Clare Rihan Bari Police Report

Sarah Clare Rihan Bari Police Report

a.k.a. Sarah Bari, Sarah C. Bari, Sarah Shimmy, Sarah C. Shimmy, Sarah Clare Rihan Bari

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell...

sarah bari 1

she will steal your hearts...!

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell

...heart-shaped jewelery, that is

Sarah Bari Shimmy Tyrrell 2

... and your earrings too!

sarah bari sister

Does little sister, know where these earrings "really" came from?

You be the Judge. Compare these images taken before and after the theft.
Click to enlarge.

sarah bari score

"Look at me, and look what I scored...!"

sarah bari 34

More "Selfies", in this case, self-incriminating with stolen property!

sarah bari 34

"Maybe I should have stolen something in Yellow Gold to match my sunnies."

sarah bari 44

Celebrating the score while flaunting the stolen property...!

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell Clare Rihan Bari Police Report

The Police Report (Page 4) Click to Expand

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell 8

"Another Selfie of me and my stolen heart-shaped jewelery."

Sarah Bari-tyrrell 37

"Why of course I wear this jewelery to the beach, to get suntan oil and sand into the pave diamonds setting, it didn't cost me one cent... I stole it."

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell Shimmy 64

No caption required for this one!

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell Shimmy

"Oh, its only a little bauble I picked up at work... out of someones jewelery bag."

sara h bari caught

You be the Judge. Compare these images
taken before and after the theft.

Sarah Bari-Tyrrell 45


Sarah Bari-Tyrrell Karma

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